About Yulinda Renee

Dr. Yulinda Renee is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Trauma Specialist, Board Certified “Kink Conscious” Sex Therapist, and Energy Channel with a doctorate in Clinical Sexology.

In addition, she is a Companion for women on their journey to self-reconciliation.

During her doctoral research, Yulinda discovered a lack of resources for Black women navigating trauma, specifically sexual trauma, so she developed her own.

Yulinda is the author of “A Power Exchange with Your Pain,” a guide for Black women with a history of sexual trauma that introduces the reader to the four pillars of  Yulinda’s new therapeutic modality, Self Reconciliation Therapy. A framework created to meet the unique need for Black women’s healing.

Yulinda’s experience spans two decades, with over 24 years in the field of mental health. Her passion for helping others began as a child and eventually led to a position as a mentor at the Rogers Park Youth Network at the age of eighteen.

Her background includes nine years in social work, eight years as a High School guidance counselor, two as the Chair of the Counseling Department, and six years in Private Clinical Practice.

Yulinda has moved out of the restrictive space that is “typical therapy” and has moved into a more holistic approach where she is able to incorporate all of her expertise, from spiritual tools to clinical knowledge, from mystic wisdom to academic research in her quest to assist with ones reconciliation with self.

The Four Pillars of TRANSCENDENCE

There are four Pillars on which I’ve built my philosophy on healing, aligning, and living a purpose filled life! These four Pillars allow us to reach a place where we have the ability to choose to… …transition… …transform… …and TRANSCEND… …anything that is preventing the unfolding of the life we want!


Around Here We Heal On Purpose

Life Transitions/Life Purpose
Convicted by my own hypocrisy…
I Am An Ally…
Being able to Love and Appreciate
Illuminate your path so that others can find their way…
Help for the helpers
Can’t conceal my blood tinged tears: Suicide Prevention Month
Wednesday Wisdom
F Balance, Be Intentional Instead!
The second is Self-Love.
Check your gauge…
The first is Self-Awareness!
What does Self-Love mean to you?
Four Pillars of healing, aligning, and living a purpose filled life!
The third is: SELF-ACCEPTS!
Pillar FOUR: Shadows
Time Management…
When they tell you to just pray…
Stress Management as a Family Unit
Be an authority over your own thoughts: A hard conversation with myself
Sickle Cell, up close and personal; National Sickle Cell Awareness Month
Mental Illness Isn’t Sexy but it’s Real: Lets Talk About It

Your Clinical Companion!

Combining clinical expertise with spiritual gifts to create a number of classes and additional resources to assist you on your journey of self-mastery!

Self-awareness is the steppingstone on which our healing journey begins. It requires a level of honesty and radical non-judgment we’ve rarely if ever extended to ourselves. We start NOW!
When thinking about our relationship with money we may have unconscious blocks to abundance seeded via the messages we received from family, the things we saw in our communities, and the expectations/limitations propagated by society. We identify our current beliefs and how they align (or don’t) with our current needs.
Our relationship to self can be impacted by so many things, from our attachments to our parents as kids to messages we get through media. We might not even admit to ourselves that our esteem is low. Here we create a space where it is safe enough to be honest and vulnerable so that we can heal the wounds that have been left unattended.
Effective Communication
“I never understood how important it was to be understood until someone came along who really did understand” Being able to express ourselves in a way that gets our point across, and our needs met is crucial to our feeling of belonging. We will focus on learning to communicate in a way that is both effective and productive and positions us as the authority over our lives.
There are very few people walking this earth who has not experienced some form of trauma, what’s interesting is that most of us haven’t even recognized that we have experienced it because it is simply apart of our lived experiences, it’s “normal” to us. First, we define trauma, acknowledge OUR traumas, identify our triggers, notice how we’ve coped then determine whether those behaviors are still productive NOW and what to do if they are not!
There is a revolution happening right now that has begun to create space for people to be their authentic self when it comes to their sexuality, sexual identity, and presentation. It is a beautiful thing! Unfortunately, those of us in our late thirties on up still struggle. Our individual programs, traumas, and the messaging we received makes it difficult to even look at how we feel when it comes to these things, let alone explore, acknowledge, accept, and love! Here we are going to do just that! In order to be “Free 360 degrees” we need to love and accept ourselves in totality!

Topics I teach on

I utilize a down-to-earth and approachable method of delivering information so that not only is it easy to understand, but also easy to implement. So, let’s do WERK!

Life transitions

From Our Clients


I never understood how much it meant to be understood until someone came along who really did understand…

What does Self-Love mean to you?
What does Self-Love mean to you?
October 13, 2021
It's not just mani, pedis, and massages. It is our inner dialogue... ...it is what we feed ourselves (physically, emotionally, and spiritually)... ...it is creating boundaries... ...It...
Four Pillars of healing, aligning, and living a purpose filled life!
Four Pillars of healing, aligning, and living a purpose filled life!
October 13, 2021
There are four Pillars on which I've built my philosophy on healing, aligning, and living a purpose-filled life! These four Pillars allow us to reach a place where we have the ability to ...
The second is Self-Love.
The second is Self-Love.
October 14, 2021
The second is Self-Love. You'd probably think that this would come first but often we don't even realize how UNLOVING we are to ourselves until be become conscious. UNTIL we become self-aw...

I want you to recognize and understand that you are deserving of ALL of the blessings assigned to you and that you are worth the effort to get in alignment with them!

I want you to know that although you may have FORGOTTEN who you are I’m here to remind you of your inherent Divinity!

You are Brilliant!

You are Beautiful!

You are Bold!

You are a Bad Ass!

You are a Boss!

You are a Human who deserves to Be!

YOU are amazing!

Love yah lots! 💙💛💜

Your Spiritual Clinical Companion!

The name of the game is self-reflection and awareness as the path toward self-mastery!


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