Yulinda Rahman LCPC old

I counsel, I coach, I consult. I do everything within my power to provide guidance and create a safe space where you can release all things that do not serve your highest purpose as well as embrace the person that emerges from the shedding. You are worthy of being holistically well.

“Happiness takes effort.
You don’t stumble upon it.
It doesn’t find you.
It isn’t a
state of being.
You dig for it.
You demand it.
You refuse to allow moments
to eclipse it. You choose it.
And everday you have the option
to choose it again and again.
You decide”

Yulinda Rock

For more info on Yulinda Rahman please click here and here for her bio.

Active Memberships:                                                                                

American Mental Health Counselors Association
Illinois Counseling Association
Illinois Association of Child and Adolescent Counselors
Illinois Association of Couples and Family Counselors

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