What is coaching?



Collaborating to formulate goals

Operating from a place of action

Aligning thoughts with those actions

Ceding to the idea that knowing what to do is only part of the process, you must DO

Honoring that you are the authority and capable of creating the life you desire

Coaching focuses on a persons specific personal goals, from college planning to job navigation, from dating to marriage, and helps you to examine what is currently going on in your life that may be helping or hindering your ability to reach your goals. Coaching works in the here and now and is very solution focused. The client and coaching relationship is one where you are the expert and I am here to guide you to your best self. My main job is to ask you the questions you often do not ask yourself, whether out of avoidance or fear, and to support you as you tackle the answers to those questions and the accountability that comes along with it.

“Fear: A chain with no substance but the most weight.
Anchoring you to mediocrity.
Let it make you careful, but never allow it to cripple.
Your success lies on the other side of your fear.
Take that step”
~Yulinda Rock~

My Expertise:

Life Coach Examples
  • Financial Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • College Process/Planning
Youth/Parent/Family Coaching-Examples
  • School Transition
  • Behavior Modification
  • Parent/Child Communication
  • New Parent
  • Single Parent
  • Navigating Family Dynamics
  • Blended Families
Relationship Coaching-Examples
  • Establishing Friendships
  • CO-worker Relationships
  • Dating
  • Marriage
  • Effective Communication
  • Dating After Divorce