Illuminate your path so that others can find their way…


It is interesting for me when I write, because although I write for an audience, specifically clients and potential clients, I also write from a very real place,a personal place.  Nine times out of ten, the things I write about I have experienced personally in addition to working with others to get through it.  The same goes for the seasonal “blues”.

As the nights get longer and the days get colder, I often find my thoughts mirroring the vista outside my window; cold, gray, haunting, still, but full of potential and possibilities.

As we embark on this holiday season I want us all to remember that the best way to help us out of our own “funk” is to bring joy to someone else. We often take for granted just how powerful, acts of kindness can be.  In my blog post for Beverly Therapist I talk about how we as neighbors have a unique opportunity to be a light to someone this season.  To quote my post, “The smallest spark can illuminate and chase away shadows often unseen”.

As the snow accumulates and the temps fall, take it upon yourself to lift someone else spirits.  Putting a smile on someone else face is guaranteed to put one on yours.  I don’t offer many guarantees, but this one I stand by.  A remedy for the “blues”.

May your willingness to shine your light on others contribute to your wellness. You are worthy.

Yulinda Rock

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