Counseling Consultant: Productive Conversations

For me consultation means having conversations that work to dispel the myth that mental health is not worth nurturing and that obtaining mental health services is taboo. Whether one on one, with a small group, or in front of a large group of people, I lead productive conversations that get us as a society further along the path to acknowledging, accepting, and nurturing our mental health.

Our about

Consultation Training

From the workplace to the classroom, the church home to the nursing home, from counseling departments to police departments I provide workshops, professional development, training, and speaking series so that together we can pull back the curtain on mental illness, one conversation at a time.

“Mental illness is not a sexy topic, but it is real and needs to be discussed. I am not afraid of the conversation so I invite others to chime in and give voice to the subject. “

Issues that I Commonly Treat

Importance of stress treatment

We are living in stressful times. There is so much change, discontent, and polarizing ideologies surrounding us that it is imperative that procedures are put in place to help our employees, our students, our staff members feel supported in their mental health needs.

Mental Health For Everyone

As more and more people are taking mental health days, employers and school administrators are not always well versed in how to appropriately respond to such requests. Creating a culture where mental health is not only valued but nurtured makes for a much more attractive potential place of institute of learning and/or place of employment.

How I Treat Mental illness

I work with agencies to educate about mental illness, the signs, the resources and supports. I also help curate processes and procedures that meets the mental health needs of its stakeholders via a needs analysis, assessments and evaluations, professional development, and workshops.

Promote The Culture for mental health

Let me help you manage mental health in the workplace by creating a culture that promotes holistic wellness.

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