Mind Your Mental Resource Collection

The Heal On Purpose Collective…

…is a specially tailored group experience for women who are serious about TRANSITIONING out of a life that no longer meets their needs by TRANSFORMING it in a way that does and TRANSCENDING all barriers that has previously prevented that from happening!

As the Collective’s Guide I have created (and will continue to create) a number of trainings covering a range of topics  that were tailored for our unique needs as women whose goals are to live authentically, abundantly, and FREE!

Areas that will be covered in the collective:

  1. Life Transitions/Life Purpose
  2. Relationships (All types)
  3. Sex/Sexuality
  4. Trauma/Triggers/Coping
  5. Effective Communication
  6. Esteem
  7. Body image/Disordered Eating
  8. Finances/Money/Career
  9. Self-Awareness plus much more!

For more information on how to join please click the button below!

“I never understood
how important it was to be understood
until someone came along
who really did understand”
~Yulinda Renee~

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